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Hi, we’re BOON. We make it easy to buy and sell stuff amongst your members, whilst raising money for the golf club charity.

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How it works

Declutter and do good.
BUY golf equipment from fellow members
SELL unused equipment and build credit in the pro shop for new purchases
DONATE a percentage to the golf club charity

Why we’re here

We believe in community. We believe that the people, passions and things that bring us together in person should be nurtured and celebrated. That’s why we started BOON. To help ensure that whichever golf club you love, it’s pro shop and chosen charities receive the financial support they need.

Fundraising made simple

Traditional fundraising can be hard. Time consuming. Risky. Stressful. Here at BOON we want to make it easy. Imagine an ongoing revenue stream for your golf club pro shop and chosen charities, that requires no set up costs, minimal time to manage and involves all members of the club. That’s BOON.

  • FREE Setup
  • Invite Members
  • List Items
  • Income for Pro shop
  • Charitable Donations
  • Satisfied Members
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Who can join?

BOON is for all types of local community groups, including golf clubs:

Local, because we want you to hand over the goods in person. Not only can you get to know each other a little better, but it avoids unnecessary postage and packaging.

We’re here to help bring your club members together while raising much needed cash.

In app messaging

Safe &

Each and every Boon account is ring fenced to ensure only members of YOUR community gain access. In addition, the app is hosted on the latest high security AWS servers, ensuring ultimate security and peace of mind.

What people are saying about the app

As a member of a very active school PTA, I know how much effort it takes to raise money for the school. Boon has completely changed the landscape.

What people are saying about the app

Boon is moving the goal posts when it comes to fundraising. They are appealing to millions of people, turning unused goods into valuable charitable donations.

What people are saying about the app

My goodness, this is genius! Generating cash for stuff found at the back of your garage or spare room. Get involved now, and benefit your community.

What people are saying about the app

What an amazing idea. As a school PTA chairperson, I know how difficult it is to raise money from school events. Boon makes a huge difference.

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